Heuchel papeterie

Doctor blades :

  • CARTECH – Carbon fiber
  • VERTECH – Glass fabric
  • CAVERTECH -  Carbon fiber / glass fabric
  • CERATECH – Ceramic
  • CABRATECH – Carbon fiber abrasive
  • Glass fabric high temperature resistance up to 220°C
  • Metal
  • Phosphor bronze
  • HDPE High density polyethylene

Blade holders :

  • Rigid K35
  • Flexible
  • Creping

Blade stocking systems & blade extractors :

Blade application :   Applications by cylinder & roll type :

Wire section
Press section
Drying section
MG cylinder
Pope reel

  Bronze copper
Hard rubber
Synthetic materials – Polyurethane
Stainless steel
Carbide tungsten

Heuchel papeterie produits

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